weCare India- A noble initiative taken by Nashikities

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Nashik based new born start-up Dreamaxo Developed a useful ‘Emergency’ App for the country. Vishal Labhade andPrasad Prasad Mate, two young software engineers came up with this noble initiative after the much talked ‘December 16 Delhi Rape Case’. They opined that a lot of Indians were seen lighting candles on the roads and protesting against criminals and government which ultimately did nothing. So instead of playing an irrelevant blame game, these two sorted minds took the power of technology in their hands and that is how weCare India came into being.

This mobile app aims to help trapped people in emergency situations and enable them to inform about illegal activities in their area and connect them to various emergency services in India. Notwithstanding the availability of various apps that help women seek assistance via their cell phones. But due to few technical hurdles these apps do not help when there is an SOS situation. weCare India on the other hand is a gender-neutral Android app to aid in any kind of distress situation like sexual assault, robbery, gunfire, hostile situation, illegal activities, natural calamities and more.

[button color=”green” size=”medium” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dreamaxo.wecare.sos” target=”blank” ]Download This APP[/button]

How does weCare India mobile app work?

Mockup2weCare, free download app integrates an emergency response system with a mobile device (any Android phone using Version 2.2 and up can use it) – so that one can instantly connect to relatives and friends if he/she is in any kind of distress. You can also specify the exact nature of emergency (as listed above) before sending your help request and the app will immediately track caller location. weCare uses a high-end GPS system for location tracking and works as efficiently even when the mobile doesn’t have any Internet connection.

To use the Emergency Help function, you need to set a ‘Guardian’s’ contact first (well, the ‘Guardian’ is the person you want to contact first and fast in case of an emergency). As soon as you press the emergency button, you will be asked what type of emergency you are in. Select one from the list of emergencies and an emergency message will be sent to your contact, along with emergency type, your current GPS location and the cell ID of your network provider. If the whole process seems to be a lengthy one, just use the emergency help widget and the help request can be sent with just one stroke.Vishal Labhade

Users can also access an in-built list of key emergency contacts (ambulance, hospitals, blood banks, fire brigade, bomb detection squads, railway stations, utility services and so on) across the country.

If you face any illegal activity in your area, this app allows you to submit any kind of poof (text/photo/audio/video) without disclosing your identity. Illegal activities are also categorized as Robbery, Wanted criminals, Narcotic drugs, and Illegal weapons and so on, to submit more specific data.

Available free on Google play store and occupies very little space (less than 1 MB). It will become cross-platform soon, so that people using Symbian, BlackBerry or iOS can also get instant help or help authorities as all responsible citizens should.

WeCare India is definitely a user friendly app and can be accessed by all. It’s a kind request to Nashikites to download this app now as it’s absolutely free of cost and be rest assured.

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