Neon Couture is coming to Nashik

Neon-Couture-nashikThe eyeball grabbing and screaming neons have paved their way back in the fashion market and the Nashik youngsters are going ga-ga over them

Neons spell energy and vivacity. What was once considered as obnoxious in the fashion markets is not selling like hot cakes. If you follow fashion like a religion you should add hues of it to your wardrobe. Also you should go ahead and explore the various exotic prints that are out there. Fashion lovers who have a soft corner for Indian wear can opt for gorgeous Anarkalis with lovely tones of neon than opting for the traditional colours and turn heads this wedding season. A number of Nashikites are taking a plunge into the pool filled with a plethora of colours and a wide range of extensive designs have been made popular by tele-actors, bollywood stars and designers alike.

What was once termed as ‘street-wear’ has transformed itself into high-end fashion. Be it daytime college wear teamed with a shrug or jacket, or a classy kurti for a semi-formal dinner with colleagues, or designr saree for a close one’s sangeet. Today Neon Couture can be adapted into anything and everything. It has become a favourite for all special occasions.

What people touted as weird colours has now become a fashion statement for many. Experimentation is the key to grab eye-balls. Colours like bright orange, fluorescent pink and yellow and dazzling green, which you would otherwise shy away from, might just prove to be a your magic wand for you to bloom up your persona and make you a diva. So ladies, it’s time to discard the subtle and embrace the boldness and by donning this distinctive trend.

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