Open gym set-up in Nashik.

For the first time, an open field gymnasium has been started for the citizens in Cidco’s Raje Sambhaji sports complex in Nashik. The renowned personality MLA Nitin Bhosle inaugurated the gymnasium.set-up1

The gymnasium incorporates equipments that are not easily available at other gymnasiums. These equipments, even if available, are very expensive for the people. It attracted a huge crowd at the CIDCO premises to take benefit of the facilities. However, there is no safety guard positioned to monitor the crowd or the equipments. As a result, there is a great possibility of these equipments getting misused. Considering the significance of the modern equipments, the concerned department has been appealed to appoint a safety guard at the gymnasium.

This kind of open gym set up in Nashik would attract and assist people in practicing gymnastics and take optimum utilization of the gym equipments made available for them.

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