Pre-paid Auto in Nashik. A distant dream?

Aanchal Madan

I have graduated as an Instrumentation Engineer. By the end of my last year, I was totally out of the box and wanted to be a business woman then. So I took up jobs in HR and Administration as a stepping stone. But destiny had crafted something else for me. So here I am writing for page 3 and hoping to strike a chord with my readers. I was always an avid reader and was always keen on writing. I am an optimist and a go-getter. I like to rely on my instincts majorly. Love to travel. Music is always on my mind. Comical and fiction stories interest me more than anything else. I hope to make a difference with my writing!!

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  1. vivek_baglane says:

    Page3Nashik with the goverment of MNS,i think YES..

  2. Aanchal Madan says:

    @vivek_baglane All we hope is that it works out the city

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