The first thing we would like to mention about this flick is that it is a definitely predictable movie and nothing short of a fairy tale! A revised version of Salman Khan’s biggy Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya is Prabhudeva’s third outing as a director. Girish Kumar (Ram) son of Kumar Taurani has played the role of a happy-go-lucky young lad who is wandering behind bikini-clad girls on Australian beaches, visits India for a cousin’s wedding. There he sees the girl of his dreams and falls head-over-heels for Shruti Hasan (Sona). The lady love comes from a fairly decent village and is got that typical look which enhances her natural beauty. Sona lives with her angry young brother (Sonu Sood) who runs a poultry farm. The two families have a completely different set of values and standard of living. Ram is the son of a business tycoon (Randhir Kapoor) and a clannish mother, (Poonam Dhillon).


Ramaiya-Vastavaiya-Poster-tbwmThe hide and seek goes on and before we know the couple are all over each other, here the young blood is to be blamed. The new affection, the new love comes into the picture. And as an exemplary Hindi drama, the lovers are torn apart when the boy’s family accuses Sona and her family to lure his rich son. That is when the true struggle began.

The girl’s family is raged and holds the grudge against the boy’s family for a long time. Post Interval, Ram lands up at Sona’s village and tries to make up for the damage. But Sona’s brother has still not forgotten the humiliation and takes a revenge by throwing the poor lad to an impossible challenge. And to prove his dedication for Sona, the boy faces the challenge and the end is predictable.

The movie is a fairly modest try and a tried-tested love story. The appreciating factor is cast, strong characters, commendable roles and the newbies’ potential. It is a film that will appeal to the spectators who enjoy love stories. Old flicks are reloaded with modern tips and tricks. So people if you want to watch the movie, we are sure it won’t disappoint you for one reason, the handsome newcomer Girish Kumar Torani. And boys, Shruti is as pretty as a preach. Grab your tickets!!

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