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Nashikities can now breathe a sigh of relief as a small time group of farmers will supply vegetable directly to the consumers in the city at 10% lesser rate than the usual market rate.

These farmers belong to Sinnar and recently came together to form a new entity called as Devanadi Village Farmers Producer Company Ltd. The incorporation led during the rough phase in the agricultural sector. Yuva Mitra, a non-governmental organization protested against these severe issues and established the company with farmers to resolve the same. Nearly 1,000 farmers are a part of this newly established company formed exclusively for farmers.

marketTo avoid the engagement of middlemen, the farmers started selling the vegetable produce directly to consumers which helped them to  attain the value for their sales. Also, the consumers benefit from the fact as farmers sell vegetables at a lesser rate.

Yuva Mitra and Atma, non- governmental organizations joined hands and inaugurated 2 shops on September 14 for storing and selling the vegies. One of the 2 shops is located at Patil Park in Dongre Vasti Gruha and the other at Suyojit Lawns in Mahatmanagar. Both the shops are open twice a week i.e Monday and Thursday from 4pm to 7pm.

The founder of Yuva Mitra quoted, “Around 25 types of fresh vegetables are sold in these shops. Farmers bring vegetables to the company after grading, sorting, packing and weighing. Thereafter, the company brings it to Nashik for sale. The farmers get Rs 2 to Rs 2.5 extra per kg and they can also save money for commuting to the markets. The absence of middlemen has reduced the rate of vegetables and the customers have to pay 10% less for fresh vegetables. Till now, we have sent seven consignments to the markets in Nashik,”

He also added that the produce is grown using natural procedures and is brought to the market within 3 hours of plucking from the fields.

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