Nashik based Ashwin Kandoi developed a hi-tech entertainment app ‘Moovah’

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Nashik has claimed its importance globally through its achievements and its achievers. Firstly, it has been acclaimed with the prestigious title of being the ‘wine capital of India’. Secondly, it has been considered among the smartest city to be developed in India after Mumbai. Thirdly, innumerable dynamos are emerging from the city and winning accolades for their extraordinary talents. One such talent is Ashwin Kandoi, who is the Director and Co-founder of Winjit Technologies Pvt. Ltd. situated in Nashik. Winjit Technologies has proven its worth in the world of technology in a country like South Africa. Ashwin Kandoi with his technological acumen and his extraordinary people skills has provided free and fast internet service both at South Africa and in India through a smart invention ‘Moovah’. With the hoo-hah of Net Neutrality taking rounds of the country like a death trap, we indeed instantly needed a replacement of internet service providers.

1509802_10152774001612401_8596657635203990123_nIt has become unspeakably obvious that technology has exceeded our humanity and every task at hand can be done with just a click. This has raised expectations for the internet service providers to provide easy access to internet anywhere in the country. Moovah, a user-friendly app, is all that you need in your phone for free and fast internet connectivity even outside your house. Sounds like an exciting deal? Scroll down to read what all Moovah can offer.

Moovah is the first-to-market that offers electrifying deals, discounts and exciting content delivered by significant brands at a light’s speed within a selected range of taxis. It provides insights and rational questioning about a commuter’s behavior and likings. So on those lines, Moovah fully engages a commuter in its magical world and offers you mind-numbing deals on a daily basis while travelling in a taxi. Unlike other wi-fi services, Moovah can download even the most difficult content on your phone without the need of 3G, ADSL or electricity. Now you don’t have a chance to crib about the internet facility… Right? This app is available on any smart phone like android or blackberry. All you have to do is just mingle with your fingers and download the app with a click.

It is a boon for taxi industry that will be benefiting from an itsy-bitsy mobile device. Three major benefits for taxi drivers is that they can get good entertainment by downloading movies and songs, can apply for services or deals which the brand companies are offering you and also to communicate with their travellers. This new revolution can enable the bosses to keep a check on their taxi drivers regarding their behavior and the mode of transport that they are offering their passengers. This app will also help brand industry to advertise their products to the most distant customers and give them their piece of deals on this app. Moovah will change the way people commute and will ultimately offer a standard life for workaholics.

Ashwin Kandoi shared, “It’s a joint venture between two developing markets of India and South Africa. Internet connectivity is a real problem in today’s world. People spend hours in a taxi without performing a task at hand. So we wanted to change the perspective of how people look up to their job. What is so exciting about the Moovah launch is that people are able to commute easily throughout the world. We wanted the people to come on our app everyday and indulge themselves in a competition or crack a good deal like a coupon or win some points to shop.”

Moovah is beneficial for both, taxi drivers as well as their passengers. It is offering a micro-economic environment to live in and a safe environment for the travellers while travelling. This has turned up a whole-new notch for the internet service providers. Millions of claps to them for discovering this global technology that nobody can compete with!!

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