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326057-holiday-guide-11-tips-for-safe-online-shoppingNashik used to be considered a relaxed town compared to Mumbai and Pune. But nowadays even Nashik people have been complaining of ever hectic lifestyles and work pressure. As the Internet access in our city is growing and more and more people spend time on the Internet daily, we thought an idea is to optimize your time by shopping online!

Here are a few tips to enhance your experiences:

Tip 1: Be careful while sharing your Credit card details on websites. If a website appears unsecure and you are not directed to a gateway but some person is asking for details, do not share these. RBI regulations have also ensured that we now can shop online only with a secure one time password that is compulsory for online transanctions and makes them safer.

Tip 2: Use other payment options if you feel insecure: Cash on Delivery is a good option offered by many websites like Flipkart which are very popular now. This means you can pay on delivery of your item!

Tip 3: Check the return policy: While buying things in a shop it is easy to check what you are buying more closely. But if you are unsure of what you are buying (e.g. size of clothes) ensure you check the rules of returning and exchanging the item. Many websites e.g. Jabong offer this for free

Tip 4: Finding good offers: Many websites offer coupons and deals that you can use to make your shopping even cheaper. These coupons are aggregated for you by these websites and consist of offers in various categories and from big retailers. Some even have seasonal offers (e.g. Monsoon offer). For example: Check CupoNation’s current discounted offers here.

Tip 5: Plan your purchase: If you are buying a gift or buying something for an event, always note down the delivery time. You don’t want your gift to be too late :-)! We hope these are useful for you to shop more, and shop more efficiently and safely.

Happy shopping online!

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