Crimes against women- Are more laws the way forward?

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Women & Violence2ROOTs is an informal network of individuals committed to exploring the practical implications of the foundational teachings of Jesus Christ in contemporary society hosted an open forum on Saturday, 30 th March 2013 at Quality Inn Regency, Nashik.

An open forum followed by question and answers was led by Mrs.Esther Jeyachandran (former educationist) and Mr. L.T Jeyachandran (former Chief Engineer (Civil), DoT – a husband wife duo with a long history of working with people to unpack difficult issues surrounding us as human beings. They addressed the audience regarding the concepts, issues & problems related to crimes against women.

The couple shared personal experiences to highlight that these problems surrounded all of us as regular citizens. Mrs. Jeyachandran was of the opinion that the Home is the place where the crimes against women are often first noticed, starting with our criminal responses to the girl child starting with female foeticide, dowry harrasments etc. These crimes in the home are not committed by the uneducated alone but often the educated and the rich are also equally, if not more guilty. The kind of upbringing children have is reflected in their behavior in public. Hence, one of the major reasons that lead to crimes is the treatment of the girl child in our homes.

Mr Jeyachandran warned against offering easy solutions for what appeared to be a complex problem. He pointed out that even though for all of us our conscience showed us what was right and wrong, our problem was that we were unable to act on it. He recalled Einstein’s wise words as he commented on the dangers of the usage of the atom bomb :” The mindset that produced the problem cannot be expected to solve it”.

The speakers communicated with the audiences for more than an hour and concluded their speech and let the audience pose questions on the same. Participants voluntarily asked questions to the concerned persons and cleared their doubts. The speakers gave the audiences the platform to speak their hearts out, share their views and opinions and also talk about their beliefs on that particular topic.

It was indeed a great way of reaching out to public and spreading words of wisdom.

We at Page 3 Nashik would like to address to all the women, don’t underestimate by considering yourself weak. Be strong, learn to defend yourself and do whatever it takes to protect you.

Page 3 Nashik gets you exclusive footage of the event. It was our pleasure to be a part of this social cause and would like to appreciate the efforts of all the members of the ROOTs organizing committee to set up such a great platform. We wish you the best of luck and hope that Nashik experiences such worthy events now and in the future.

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