iCOMP- an iMAD initiative

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DSC_1527The team iMAD– I Make A Difference marked their respect  with a special program on 6th March 2014 in Nashik. The team iMAD- I Make A Difference  proudly presented, the iCOMP – A computer programmed by the team for the  kids at Panchvati. The team believe in making meaningful efforts for the betterment of our society and that is what differentiates us from the rest. A BIG step in pursuit for CHANGE.

iMAD is an organization that works for the underprivileged kids & empowers them by providing free education & support. It emphasizes on improving communicative English and self confidence by combining interactive learning tools and innovative teaching techniques. It is Nashik’s fastest growing youth network. A  platform for the youth to do their bit for the society.  I Make A Difference (iMAD) is a youth organization and they empower the kids by teaching spoken English, maths, science and conducting various workshops, competition, experiments, field visits, etc.

iMAD started its journey on 21st July 2010 at an ashram near Anjineri, Nashik. Since then it has provided free education to around 400 kids with the help of 120 volunteers. They have been working with great dedication and hard work since the past 4 years and have earned the reputation to be a result oriented organization. They work on every Sunday from 10-12 noon for 8 months every year.

iCOMP is a software developed by the team at iMAD for helping kids understand, explore & learn various subjects in an interactive way. They aim to harvest the power of curiosity and encourage kids to discuss within themselves and together try to understand the concepts. They are carrying out the installation in two phase. Phase one is to gain a deeper understanding of how kids reach to such an approach and what key points affect the entire process. One of the monitoring systems is by installing a Log counter in the computer that helps understand how much time a kid has spent on which topic. Also, the computer is available for kids use 24×7, of course with the windows disabled.

 Phase two is introducing specific topics of interest and importance for them to learn from. The entire process is meant to be result oriented and with a “personality development” approach.
 They had  installed the iCOMP at Panchvati Center on 6th March and is now available for the kids to use, through the day.
Currently they are working in 3 center’s accross Nashik.
1. Gangapur Road Centre, Nashik – (2 Years)

2. Panchavati Road Centre, Nashik – (6 Months)

3. Mico Circle, Nashik – (3 Months)

4. Adhartirth Adharashram, Angineri – (2 Years)  

Hope to see more people come forward and support the team’s project so that they can install the iCOMP at various Ashrams in and around Nashik and set in motion and chain for CHANGE.

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