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Emergency is nothing but an unforeseen combination of circumstances that needs urgent assistance and help to the rescue. Being prepared to fight any unsafe state of affair is the need of the hour.  Nashik is known for being a safer city compared to the others, the reason being that the security systems are strong and the fact that in a small city like ours people know each other. Today, safety has become a fret. With the current scenario of all the mishaps occurring all over the country, security and safety of the residents of Nashik should not be jeopardized.


It is said that, “Being aware is being secure”. This idiom stands strong when it comes to being alert of our surroundings and habitat and the present conditions of the city. One should not only be attentive but also be well equipped with self defense.  Self- Defense today is one of the most important factors of a person’s personal regime. Self- defense is important not only physically but also verbally. Trusting our intuitions and the vibes we get from certain people should be trusted.

Many people are under the influence that self- defense is nothing but a kick in the groin or a jab in the eyes leaving the perspective attacker on the ground but that’s not what in reality happens . Self- defense is doing everything possible but avoid physical contact. Self- defense is using your smarts- not fists. Self- defense or self protection leads to betterment of life in every aspect.

In the case of threat or abuse, one not only needs to be physically prepared but also mentally stable and rational. Only a sound and a healthy mind can cope up with the agony of human these days. One’s fitness and health plays a vital role in maintaining right mindedness in the times of trouble. Various options are accessible today in our city. Yoga and Zumba being one of the most widely preferred. Safety of a person can not only be safeguarded just be armed forces, but also unarmed. Marshall Arts and Karate are the top physical strength enhancing forms of self guard. Armed forces do not factually mean carrying a stun gun around but one can keep a safety pin, a ball point pen or a handy pepper spray. Hair spray can also be used in the place of pepper spray if the former is not easily obtainable. Carrying a torch or a flashlight is advised when travelling or commuting in the late hours of the day especially in a season like monsoon.

Measures have been taken by schools and efforts are being put in by the companies and institutions for the welfare and protection of their employees but one should be prepared to face any kind of potential threat alone as well. People should realize that during the time of crises God will come to the rescue later, their will power first. Parents should inculcate in their kids the habit of being aware  of one’s environment and being geared up to face the hurdles . We should not fear the circumstances but just be well equipped physically and mentally.

Various helpline services exist in Nashik for the well being and security of its populace. Few of those numbers are mentioned below which might be of some help.

Helpline Numbers:

Women crisis response: 1091

Emergency Relief Center on National Highways: 1033

Catastrophe & Trauma service: 1099

Children in difficulty/ Child Distress Service: 1098

Public Grievance Cell Maharashtra Telecom Circle: 12727

Dial a doctor: 1911

 A great initiative extended by National Geographic channel for being emergency ready. Take a look!

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