Real life Santas of Nashik distribute blankets, sweaters and clothes to the needy

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The mercury has taken a nose-dive and the chilly air leaves us with goosebumps and makes our bones crack. While we are cozy and comfortable in our blankets and layers of expensive and branded sweaters, there are some unfortunate individuals who cant immerse themselves in the luxury of wrapping their cold bodies in winter wear.

The good samaritans

The good samaritans

Thank God there are some good samaritans in the drama of life who light up the lives of those who are less fortune. page3 was honoured to meet a dynamic young girl Jasmeet Sehmi, pursing her MBA on her mission to help the needy. “I always saw poor people on the streets living in extreme conditions living very small huts. Sometimes, I even saw people without even a basic hut to call a home who were living on the streets literally and sleeping on foothpaths. I felt sorry for them and I used to wonder what I could do to make life easier for them.” she shares.

But for those who have a will, they way is never too far away. The way to help others soon stuck Jasmeet and she decided to make Nashik winters less of a torment for the poor. She with a group of other volunteers and another like minded enthusiast Jagbir Singh who runs the NGO ‘Manav Utan Manch’ began to collect discarded but not old an tattered clothes, especially blankets and sweaters from people and distributed it to the needy.

The needy receive the gifts

The needy receive the gifts

Jasmeet further shares, “The idea stuck me a year back and we went ahead with the noble deed. But last year, things happened fairly in a haphazard manner but this year things went ahead in a more organised manner. We made posters and the volunteers posted about it on social networking sites. This brought us more people who wanted to make a difference.”

People believe that Santa comes and grants their wishes. Just that this time the Santa was not a old and fat figure but a young and vivacious girl Jasmeet and her equally young and enthusiastic team of volunteers who are truly Santas of Nashik. Page3 applauds such amazing people. God bless her and may her tribe increase.


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