This Video made by YOU – Youth United Foundation in Nashik’s is a must watch

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A wise man once said, “Service is the rent which we pay for our room on earth.” And the good Samaritans on the road of life reaffirm the adage.

In today’s supersonic age, the definition of Youth too has undergone change. Today being young no longer means that you are on the better side of 30’s. Age is just a number and being young is associated to how one feels rather than what’s written on one’s birth certificate.

Earlier the youth was synonymous to being carefree, reckless and impulsive. But the youth today carry a seed of thought, compassion in their hearts and a strong urge to strike change in the society.

 YOU – Youth United  is a foundation started in November 2015 to initiate a change in the society and stir up social responsibility among people. YOU was conceptualized to bring in an effective change in various sectors of society like child welfare, education, infrastructural development, development of socially efficient individual and groups and so on.

Vivekraj Thakur, a brimming youngster who has founded this noble cause, is a old head on young shoulders. He with his vibrant and intellectual team: Shivam Kher, Payal Shah, Rakesh Sawrwar, Himani puri, Vipin Khakari, Rene Gaikwad and Umesh Sonawane  are doing all in their might to ring in change. They have come up with an amazing video to make the citizens of Nashik aware of their social and moral responsibilities.

Watch the video here:

Vivekraj Thakur, shares some stark facts about Nashik city. “There are some 390000 households in Nashik and only about 192 Ghantaghadis. If not catered to right now, garbage in Nashik would soon become an eye-sore and also a health concern. We came up with making the video because we believe in practicing before we preach. And if people see us working o make the city better they, to fill follow suit. It will definitely take some time to happen but I am sure a positive change will surely take place. Furthermore, I believe that change is inevitable and that change is YOU. ”



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