Gizmo Man: From Nashik to MIT

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dhairya-Dhairya Dand is a 25 year old researcher at Fluid Interfaces Group, MIT media lab. He basically hails from Nashik. His father was a plumber and Dhairya would often help his father in the plumbing jobs. He has funded his own education from the tender age of 14, though he wasn’t interested in going to school much.

He graduated from VJIT , Mumbai and went on to do his Masters in media arts and science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT).He is one of the people who strayed from the conventional way and landed in MIT.
Most of his work addresses problems and opportunities that he sees around him. He says that mythology,superhumans and the world around him inspires his works and him . His works include things like Super Shoes, Obake , Cheers cube, Radical kitchen and many more. Below are a list of a few of his works –

  • Coucou – A safe social networking toy for kids to make online friends in the physical world.
  • Jellow  – An emotional communication device for cerebral palsy kids.
  • Obake- Elastic display which make the data come alive
  • Cheers- Self aware glowing ice-cubes which change colour according to the amount of alcohol intake
  • Super shoes- flexible inner soles which ticklie the person wearing them while performing functions like tour guide, reminders, taking the person to required destination.

Dhairya Dand is presently working on wearables that help people get lost and be in multiple places at once imparting new skills andsd capabilities. His CV is as impressive as his works.He has won a couple of awards for his inventions.

— He won first prize in the Texas Instruments International Design Challenge for – Jellow – a communication device for kids with cerebral palsy

–Global Service Jam ’11 Acclaimed for service design – FoodGenie – share food and reverse recipe search

–Boston Globe’s ‘25 innovators under 25’ list 2013

He was also featured in Tribune as the Gizmo man of MIT and the list goes on.

Dhairya says that it is excessive day dreaming and taking reality with a pinch of salt that has led him to such innovative ideas and creations.He is a dreamer, who is ever curious and loves to collect experiences.He is a regular 25 year old who loves travelling, backpacking,biking, pottery and trying different cuisines around the world. It is through his hard work that he could achieve so much in life.


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