Meet Ashok Nagpure, Guinness Book Of World Record holder from Nashik

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Ashok Nagpure

Ashok Nagpure

Page3Nashik had the Glorious opportunity to interview the renowned pencil artist of Nashik, Mr.Ashok Nagpure who is a Guinness Book Of  World Record holder for the longest and biggest sketch of 324 feet long and 8 feet wide sketch of Dada sahib phalke’s life span.The drawing depicted the life of Indian filmmaker Dadasaheb S. Phalke in 27 frames. It was a absolutely fabulous experience to know the insights of a Pencil Artists life. Mr. Nagpure is an esteemed personality and has a global recognition. What took us by surprise ,He is a good singer too! He resembles the voice of late Hemant Kumar, and performs at music shows occasionally. Regardless of being a record holder Mr. Nagpur is a very down to earth human being and his open to life approach makes him an Icon .

We present you the exclusive interview with Mr.Ashok Nagpure.

P3N:Is Pencil art your profession?

Ashok: I am an Assistant Civil Engineer by profession and a Pencil artist by passion.

P3N::When did you discover your talent in pencil drawings & When did you made your first pencil drawing?

Ashok: I was in STD 4th at Lasalgaon (small town near Nashik) and my friend Razzak realized that I was very good in pencil drawings. I used to draw many pencil sketches in school and my friends always appreciated and encouraged my art.In 1976, when I was in 7th STD, I made a sketch of small girl.

P3N:How supportive was your family?IMG_2681 (1)

Ashok: My Family Members have always stood by me! . My both sons are like my two hands. My wife is always by my side Through thick & thin and lastly my friends were supportive too.

P3N:Did You take any Professional Training or guidance in this field?

Ashok: Unfortunately NO. I had learnt everything through practice.

P3N:Any Specific material you use for pencil drawing? And where is the same purchased from?

Ashok: I use variety of materials from India and Abroad as well. I Purchased pencil from Austria & paper sheets from France. I sincerely believe Only good  drawing material can do justice to all the hard work and effort you put in.

P3N:We all are aware you entered the Guinness World Record by creating world’s longest and biggest sketch of 324 feet long and 8 feet wide of Dada Sahib Phalke’s life span.What was your inspiration behind the same?

Ashok: In 1990, Harprasad Rushi Navjot chaddha had created the world record.His work impressed me and i was determined to create a new world record.

P3N:How was your experience with Amitabh Bachchan when you first met him on the sets of KBC ? What  inspired you to make a sketch on Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

Ashok: It was an excellent experience. When I met Amitabh ji on sets of KBC, I was impressed by his personality. Amitabh ji is big personality, very friendly, impressive and down to earth .While returning from Mumbai, my son suggested me to make a huge portrait of him. We tallied everything, his birth date, and birth year and luckily everything matched as per our desire, thus we decided make a huge portrait.

IMG_2676P3N:Why are you so passionate about pencil drawings?

Ashok: In this modern world. No one seems to be perfect. There are many twists and turns in drawings, but basic are important in every art.  Pencil is the basic thing in art, unfortunately, many forget the basic.

P3N:Out of your creation which would you say is your favorite?

Ashok:KavivaryaTatya sahib Shirwadkar (Kusumagraj)

P3N: Your drawings are photo-realistic,What  advice would you give newbies who wish to build their career in pencil art?

Ashok: I wish to tell the newcomers find your hidden talent, use the time effectively & polish your skills in such a manner that one day  the whole world will recognize you because of your talent.




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