Namrata Desai: Nashik’s first woman senior inspector takes charge

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Nashik city is escalating with a number of youth icons proving to be the best in their respective fields. One more addition to the icons of the city is 44 year old, Namrata Desai, who has been advocated as city’s first woman senior inspector (Sr. PI). She took over as the in-charge of the Upnagar police station from Wednesday, 19th November, 2014. With brilliant ideas up her sleeve, she seems to be quite promising at refining the security of the city.

Desai was the inspector in-charge of the Bhadrakali police station from 2009 to 2011. Later she was the Assistant Director at the Police Training Academy from 2011 until this year and was with the special branch in the police commissionerate before taking charge of Upnagar. Apart from her list of accomplishments, she was also praised for her virtuous effort during assembly election and was quite recognized for that. She is a prototypical example for the future police inspectors that honest efforts are prized too. She has been appointed on an experimental basis for one month after her predecessor, Hemant Sawant, was suspended last week for negligence of his duty.

The beautiful Nashik City

The beautiful Nashik City

Desai is adamant about dipping the crime rate in and around Nashik at a more rapid pace. While talking about her instant plan of action to tackle crime and improve the productivity of the staff, she says “Since there has been no woman senior inspector prior to this, I want to take quick action and all the preventive measures against crime and try to get amendments sanctioned from time to time whenever necessary. It is necessary to give some guidelines to the staff because they lack proper guidelines.”

She also said that she would grind herself towards building a police-public connect in her jurisdiction so as to gain the confidence of people regarding their safety. In that respect, her immediate plans are “I will conduct public meetings and hold interactions with various committees to develop the confidence of the people in us and thus, establish the police-public connect. Awareness among people and ongoing communication with the police is necessary” Said Desai.

Security of the citizens of a city is in the hands of Police. If we are able to find such honest and diligent police inspectors, what more can we ask for? Let us all abide by the rules and regulations set by our Government and cooperate with the police to improve the quality of security in our city. Namrata Desai… We salute you for your meticulous efforts!!

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