Search of the Researcher Mr. Prasad Pawar – The Photographer

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Page 3 Nashik takes the opportunity to interview the well-know Research photographer of Nashik, Mr. Prasad Pawar. It was indeed a great experience to know the insights of a Photographer’s life. Mr.Pawar is an eminent personality and has a global recognition. His very grounded attitude and open to life approach makes him an Icon of our city.We get you the exclusive interview.

1. How long have you been in the business of photography?

Ans : I am in to the business of Photography from 1989 (24 years).

 2. How did you go about selling your first photograph?

Ans : Photographs can not be sold. I sell CONCEPTS.

 3. What initially interested you into photography?

Ans : I am having powerful vision for building technically advanced things, which helped me in exploring more into photography field. It takes more than 1000 words to explain something to the people, whereas, 1 photo itself explains many aspects of the photograph where words becomes helpless. It takes1/250th part of 1 sec to actually get what it takes to be a perfect photograph, thus living every 1/250th moment of life.

 4. What would you say is more important Good Knowledge/Good Equipment?

Ans : Good knowledge creates Good equipment. And Good Equipment creates Good Result. So both are equally important.

 5. Which photographer do you look up to and why?

Ans : Not anyone in particular, as my 5 senses and surrounding knowledge helps me in creating every photograph – A Masterpiece !!!

 6. What genre of photography are you most interested in?

Ans : Research Photography excites me most. Because Research Photography requires Background Knowledge of elements to be shoot, Study, Patience, Stamina, Hard Work, Focus, Techno-Savy, Vision, Analysis, Time line, phycology. These all qualities I possess which are very much required in  Research Photography. Currently I am working on digitalizing Ajanta caves which were carved around 2000 years ago, is a masterpiece of Indian Lifestyle, Jewelry, Hair Styles, Clothing Styles of ancient ages. They are the masterpiece of inside-outside Architectures.  My aim is to spread such a masterpiece, which our people have created around 2000 years back, to 100 crores people. I want to spread message of Bhagwan Buddha: PEACE. I want to help people communicate it with the JATAKA KATHA, which are carved into these caves. Photography is the medium which can communicate to every individual, no matter whether he/she can speak or not, no matter if an individual is having any disability, he/she can relate to the photograph taken.

 7. Would you say photography is a hard line of work to get into?

Ans : Yes. Its hard !!! Your photograph should be able to communicate with people without the boundary of words. And this only comes with hours-n-hours of dedication and hardwok, ability to express thoughts through the photograph. Hence we see many photographs but only few possess ability to turn it into Midas-Touch!!!


 8. If you could work alongside any one photographer who would it be?

Ans : Not anyone in particular

9. What genre of photography do you dislike the most and why?

Ans : I do not like to capture any elements in Nature having No-Life, any dead element in particular.

10.  Do you find it hard to turn down a day planned with your family at the last moment because of a job put towards you?

Ans : It never happens, as the priority for everything has been set already. Hence if its already decided to spend time with family then work comes 2nd in that case. Whereas if work has been planed in advance then family/other work will be managed in the allocated hours in a day. This is called Work and Family Balance.

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