Tejas Kiran Chavan

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Tejas Kiran Chavan is a dynamic 25 year old lad from Nasik. Tejas has done his MBA in Marketing, IIPM Mumbai and is better known as a nature lover a.k.a. social activist a.k.a animal rescuer a.k.a adventure freak! Tejas has been wining laurels for our city since his childhood. He won innumerable medals for swimming at the district and state level but he didn’t know that it was just the start of his journey.

He is the founder of the NGO “Ecodrive Youngsters” which has inspired young nasikities to do their part for their society as well as the environment. This NGO does its best for uplifting the life of the less privileged by aiding them through various drives such as clothes donation, cleanliness events, orphanage visits and educational camps. It has also organised many campaigns all over the city educating.

people about the small steps that each one can take to save our planet earth. These youngsters host exciting trekking expeditions every week exploring the less known mountains surroundingNasik. Ecodrive youngsters raised their voices against corruption and water crisis issues in the city.

Tejas has been closely associated with India Aganist Corruption and was an active member at the Anna Hazare rallies in the city. Well this is not it, Tejas has also been a bird and snake rescuer for a while. He used to catch the snakes at the residential areas and release them into the wild.

On a lazy Sunday morning if you happen to wake up before dawn, you would notice a group of enthusiasts of the age group 15 to 50years exploring the serenity of the city on their cycles! These people are a part of anotherNGO founded by Tejas known as “Eco-Peddlars”.

Thanks to this NGO,Nasik experienced its first “No Vehicle Day” and received an overwhelming response. Recently Tejas along with his team gave birth to a one of its kind event “Hausla” dedicated towards betterment of the physically and mentally challenged kids.


These special kids were given a platform to showcase their talent to the rest of the world. These kids were exhilarating with happiness to perform in front of a huge audience for the very first time. Everyone was awestruck by their skills and there was not a single dry eye at the event. The folks and guardians of these special kids couldn’t thank the Hausla enough for their effort.

Ask Tejas about his aim in life and he proudly states “I want to help the less fortunate as long as I can and my dream is to makeNasikcleaner, greener and safer!”. It is definitely a matter of pride for the city to have such a humanitarian among us.
Kudos to our Nashik boy!!

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