Meet Ammar Miyaji – The Iron Man Of Nashik

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Ammar Miyaji is a Nashikar just like you and I but he also holds title of Nashik first iron man. No, I am not referring to the movie Iron Man. The title if more than that and only a few chosen one can earn it.

Ammar Miyaji took part in a triathlon, organised at South Africa, includes a 3.8-km swim, 180-km cycle ride and 42-km run and is widely regarded as the world’s toughest race, which has to be completed in 17 hours by participants for an Ironman title.

The event witnessed about 22,000 participants from across the globe and 1,500 were in the same age group as Ammar (31-34 years).

Ammar MiyajiPhoto Credit

I used to practice 2.5-3 hours daily. The most important thing in the Triathlon is the transition from swimming to cycling. My training would include transition from swimming to cycling and cycling to running. I used to run 10-12km and swim 2km every day. I used to cycle 100km every alternate day on the Kasara routeAmmar

Ammar would often have to take up the training for cycling and running himself as there is no one to guide him in the city. “Meanwhile, Dr Milind Pimprikar would take my core training as one has to be strong from the inside. In the race, we have to swim in the ocean and at times the waves go against you. Sometimes while cycling, there is a storm and you and your bicycle sway. So, the core training used to happen at night. Since I swam in swimming pools, I went to South Africa two days prior to the event and practised in the ocean. I told the lifeguards that I wanted to practice in the race route. There were a lot of high waves and the water was very salty. It is difficult to cut the the waves and swim and one can even get lost in the ocean. Five participants got disqualified as they went off route, affecting their timing,” he said.

Earlier, he has finished the Half Iron Man in India but the podium finish last December in Chennai for 3/4th Iron Man instilled the confidence to take up Iron Man. “Sports psychologist Bhishmaraj Bam was of great help and so was my family. Nashik Cyclists and Nashik Runners were a lot of support,” said Ammar.

As Nashik is getting more aware of health and fitness and we have events like Nashik Run and Cycle rally, I really hope to see More Iron Man from Nashik


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