Monica Murthy – An Emerging Star!!

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Monica murthy

Monica murthy

Osho once said “Life should not only be lived but should also be celebrated”

It’s time for Monica Murthy to rejoice in the glory of an achievement she had long dreamed of. Apart from her numerous achievements, she bagged a role of a female protagonist in a Bollywood flick and this is like hitting a bull’s eye for her!

Life quotes by Monica Murthy

That is her philosophy about life..

Born in a massive city like Bangalore and bought up in a small town like Nashik, this city has all the reasons to claim for her success because the stepping stone existed in this city. She has done her schooling from Killbill St. Joseph’s High School and is an MBA graduate in media and communications from Whistling Woods. She has always been an over-achiever when it came to participating in plays, dancing and singing in school and college. After winning accolades such as Miss B. Y. K, Miss K. K. Wagh, Miss Whistling Woods and recognition in classical music, it gave a boost to her morale and a direction to become an artistic professional. While working as a marketing executive in Doordarshan for a year, she finally got an opportunity to be a TV anchor which she successfully achieved. Later, Rajshri Production and Star TV gave her a parallel lead in a daily soap named ‘Pyar ka dard hai meetha meetha pyara pyara’ where she completed 98 episodes. This is when she memorized the artistic skills of acting and stalwarts of TV made no fuss about teaching her the skills. For some time in between her road to success, she has switched to writing and worked as a freelance content writer for Nashik Times. Kudos to her multifaceted personality!!

Anchoring at Goa Fest

Anchoring at Goa Fest

Life has not been as easy as a pie for her. Every actor has to go through the rough trails of hard work and rejection which even Monica experienced. She has finally reached a benchmark where she can feel a little contented with the hard work she has punched in. The Bollywood flick which is currently working on will be released this year. After talking to her about her experience of working with Bollywood celebs, she says “Bollywood celebs have been extremely kind to me on shoots and they welcome a newcomer on the sets with a positive attitude. These shoots teach you a lot and now I feel my acting skills have been honed well.”

Singing performance with Hariharan

Singing performance with Hariharan

Singing performance with Hariharan

Singing performance with Hariharanariharan

A singer, anchor, writer and now an actor, Monica Murthy has left no stone unturned to reach her goal. Her efforts never went for a toss, instead they only lead to her growth and success. She has made an identity in the film industry which must be saluted. Isn’t she an inspiration to the young struggling actors?! Page3nashik respects her talent and congratulates her for the success!!


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