An Exclusive Interview with the Upcoming Face of Film Industry Tejaswini Patil

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Like we spoke about Viraj Bisht in his last visit at Page 3 Nashik, Today we have with us another fresh and upcoming face who is about to spread her wings and move out of a small town to the world of dreams.

Tejaswini Patil, who is starring opposite Viraj Bisht in their upcoming film, visited Page 3 Nashik and spoke to us on her big dreams, expectations, preparation and much more.

Interviewer: Hi Tejaswini, We welcomeyou to Page3 Nashik. We are glad to see such a confident and a fresh face like you.

Tejaswini : Hi, Thank you very much.

Interviewer: Tejaswini we would like to know your take on the field of cinema?

Tejaswini : Ahhh, acting is my passion, since childhood this has been my dream. There’s nothing better than acting. You are benefited by this field, because if you are a doctor you are only a doctor, if you are an architect you are an architect only, but if you are an actor you can be an engineer, doctor or architect. Basically there are so many options you get with this field.

Interviewer:  We are sure that success has not been a cake walk. Tell us more about your first try in acting or your first theatre.

Tejaswini: Yes, I have struggled a lot; my first step in this field was a State Level One Act Play- “AATA TUJHI PAADI”. This became an inspiration for me for my carrier.

Interviewer: If not acting, what has been your alternate career option?

Tejaswini : I am very good at coordinating things, so if not acting then I would have chosen film co-ordination or may be Public Relations.


Interviewer: What words of wisdom would you give to the newbies?

Tejaswini: The most important thing is having ‘FAITH’ in you. Then it is ‘SELF ANALYSIS’, you need to analyse why you chose this field, if it is for glamour than you won’t stay in this field for much time. With this you need to be very ‘PATIENT’ and of course ‘HARDWORK’.

Interviewer: How do you deal with the competitive industry? What is that one thing you would want to change in the film industry?

Tejaswini: Absolutely nothing. I am happy the way it is because when you step in you already know the drawbacks of it and so you are ready to face the challenges. Accept the industry the way it is.

Tejaswini you seem to be super prepared for your dream. We are sure you will reach great heights and you will definitely achieve what you have planned for. All the best with it.


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