An exclusive interview with Viraj Bisht

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Nashik is now becoming a platform for many film makers as well as for the young and the new talent in the film industry. As we all know on 21st May, 2013, the Nawab of the film industry Saif Ali Khan visited Nashik for the shoot of his upcoming film at Ganga Ghat.

Also, the youth in the city are very passionate to be a part of the film industry. So here we have one of the youths of Nashik, passionate about being a successful actor,the rising star Mr. Viraj Bisht .

Page 3 Nashik interviews the upcoming actor and here is what he has to say.


Interviewer: Viraj, if you could just share your age with us as you seem very young?

Viraj: Hahahahaha!!….I am 22yrs old.

Interviewer: What tips you would like to give to today’s youth for staying fit and healthy?

Viraj : Well, the only important tip for this is to be regular to the gym and eat healthy food.

Interviewer: So how was your journey so far in the entire process? I am sure there might have been many ups and downs.

Viraj:  Yes! There were ups and downs, but at a small age I learnt a lot. The ups and downs taught me lessons. Every day you meet different kind of people and you learn from them and their experiences.

Interviewer: Which were your last projects?

Viraj: I have started my carrier with regional and state level dramas. My first drama was ‘EHSAAN’ which was a regional drama. This drama contributed in with my carrier and now I am working with Mr. Varun More.

Interviewer: Is there anything that you wish or you always wanted to change in this industry?

Viraj: absolutely not, I am nobody to change anything in this industry. It is perfect in its own way.

Interviewer: If not acting, what would be the second option?

Viraj : More than acting I like singing. Singing is my passion, I have my own band, and I have done stage performances with my rock band. So apart from acting, singing is definitely my second choice.

Interviewer: So that means you have written your own compositions also? So can we have the opportunity to hear a few lines of the song?

Viraj : Sure, the theme of the composition talks about the pain of being apart i.e. ‘Har Pal Tujse Judi  Meri  Saase’

Interviewer: It was indeed a beautiful composition and a soothing voice. We are pretty confident that you will reach your destination and come out with flying colors. Wish you all the luck and success.

People, here we get you the exclusive footage of Viraj Bisht singing his own composition at Page 3 Nashik’s office. Enjoy!

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