Aniket Chouhan

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Aniket Chouhan today is an emerging name in the glitz and glamour industry. Not only a charm of the glamour world and a proficient mode, he is technically sound as he has completed his studies in software engineering. Coming from a real estate family background he also has his hands involved in this line.

1013377_534972413229276_1013220758_nAniket firmly believes in staying fit and therefore has chosen to be professional trainer. Being fit is not the only moto for this passionate man. His ravishing personality and motivated attitude gets him to enhance his expertise for modelling, self-grooming and self-development skills.  This dynamic personality is also a National Level Volley- Ball player.

Born and brought in Nashik, Aniket did not restrict himself and took immense efforts to achieve his dreams. His life was in top gear when he got the opportunity to be a part of Gladrags Mr. India in 2006. After the big one this young lad never thought of looking back and did amazing in his career by working with few biggies of the industry like, Lakme Fashion Week and Wills Lifestyle. He has collaborated with various other reputed companies of the glam industry.

After a strong hold in this genre Mr.Chouhan started his first solo entity, ‘KKarma Entertainment’ in 2009 and since then has been an active part of a lot of shows in Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Delhi, Nashik, etc. The feather on the cap was ‘KKarma Real Estate’, the sister company of ‘KKarma Entertainment’ to have officially launched in that very year.


Today Mr.Aniket Chouhan dares and stands tall with his well-presented attributes and also is well-known for resourceful event-organization. In a changing environment, his ability to adapt and endure in any hurdles faced by the company make him a commendable entrepreneur. With his competent hand in the event management industry, he has always met all the deadlines and shown an admirable work. Customer service and fulfillment of their needs is his forte.


Page 3 Nashik takes the opportunity to feature Mr. Aniket Chouhan as the “Rising Star of Nashik” for the estimable persona he carries and his creditable dedication towards work.


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