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200Born in Nashik, Jimmy grew up here among his friends and family where he read, wrote, ate, played and slept like everyone else. School was a problem because everyone wanted to become Doctor, Engineer, CA, while his answers ranged from a cricketer, actor to a designer.

Clueless, he went to Symbiosis, Pune. He saw everyone preparing to be a cog in the machine. The choice was simple: work in a machine and be rich or do things one believed in and stay poor.

Jimmy chose the latter. He finally studied at Event Management Development Institute where he let lust rule his decisions.

Post that, like anyone else who doesn’t know what to do with his/her life, he got admission for his MBA. After the course, he joined a retail company in Mumbai. Since Mumbai was chaotic and traffic was bad he took transfer to Nashik.

Taking his miserly savings (blame it on his lifestyle if you wish), Jimmy threw himself into the deep end of the pool and made quite a splash with the way he handled the birthday party of a socialite in Nashik. The word of mouth insured that his cell phone kept ringing and soon enough Peppermint was born. He used to work from the corner of his room initially but now has 3 offices in the most growing cities of India- Pune, Nashik & Bengaluru. He loves to attend meetings which have coffee cups and briefs.

chicken-soup-798562This brand is all about being fresh, being original, and being closer to the people who are the drivers of its business. No wonder 85% of its business comes from word of mouth.

Today Peppermint is a seasoned campaigner in its sphere of business, having handled events and promotions for many well known brands in just four years of its inception; it is a name to reckon with in Pune, Nashik, and Indore circuit. Uniquely enough, Peppermint now is a trademark that its competition can hope to emulate, but can never dare to copy.

Jimmy Bhandari in his greatest achievements has been featured as the “Extraordinary Entrepreneurs” in the book “Chicken soup for the Indian soul at work.”


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