Nashik based choreographers Sachin Shinde and Mayur Vaidya go global

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Sachin Shinde and Mayur Vaidya

Nashik based choreographers Sachin Shinde and Mayur Vaidya go global. Yes, you heard it right. Sachin Shinde and Mayur Vaidya, famed as one of the best choreographers and dance teachers in the city presently, will be representing India at the Malaysian Government’s three-day cultural programme Malaysia Urban Retreat Festival, renowned as Murfest. This festival will begin from November 7, 2014.

Murfest is Malaysia’s first and largest Wellness, Music and Dance festival. It will consists of day time workshops from experts of Yoga, Music, Dance, Healers, Speakers and a mini concert by assorted artists from all over the world. Finding an opportunity to participate in such contests is like finding a rose in the dessert. Our city based choreographers were destined to have such an opportunity to knock on their door. With their extraordinary talents, Malaysian government has invited artistes from various fields throughout the world to train participants at the three-day workshop to promote cultural exchange. This is the first year of the festival that will include performances in yoga, dance and music from all over the world.

The duo had got the invitation three months back but they waiting for all the formalities and clearances to get over before making the news public. This will be a great learning experience for our city-based choreographers to establish themselves and thus wait for brighter opportunities to walk their way in the forthcoming years. The teachers and the participants will be camping for three days, thus learning and teaching different styles of yoga and dance by their fellow participants. The entire expense of the trip will be borne by the Malaysian government.



“Teachers from across the world will be participating in the festival and will be teaching their varied art forms to the participants. Music bands from different parts of the world will also be performing at the fest. “The Malaysian government invited us to participate in the programme after they conducted a survey with the help of some Indians in Malaysia, who we had taught earlier. They observed our classes, attended our workshops and then recommended our names to the Malaysian authorities.” said Sachin. They will also be teaching our Bollywood style to the participants there. An excited Sachin said, “We will be teaching Indian dances, right from old Bollywood style to dance forms like hip hop, salsa and bachata in new Bollywood style to the students. We will also incorporate some garba and bhangra dance moves, adhering to the Bollywood style.” The three-day workshop will go on continuously for 24 hours and the duo will be taking classes separately.

All the important political leaders and bureaucrats will be present for the final day programme. This will be a realistic exposure to them in the field of dance. Our youth icons are blooming well in other countries too, which is a proud moment for the city. We hope and pray for such icons to establish themselves on a much extravagant and superior public platform outside of Nashik city.

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