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RTO issues ‘Rasta Surakshitachi Pathshala’

New Year with new norms! 2014 started with zeal in Nashik when the Regional Transport Office (RTO) Nashik issued a booklet briefing safety road measures on 3rd January, 2014 for welfare of the citizens. The...


Partially closed RTO is back in action

on 3rd December 2013 Page 3 Nashik updated about RTO Nashik remains partially closed from 5/12/13. The Regional Transport Office (RTO) is back in action with a complete and successful installation of ‘Vahan’ from 11th December, 2013- Wednesday....


RTO Nashik remains partially closed from 5/12/13

The Regional Transport Office (RTO), Nashik where the vehicles and licenses are registered will remains partially shut from 5th December, 2013. The RTO is about to introduce a new software ‘Vahan’ due to which...