Temperature on the rise in Nashik

Despite the rain accompanied by hailstorm for more than a week, temperature in Nashik city is on the rise hinting at the arrival of summer. The temperature in Nashik city witnessed remarkable changes, particularly rise in minimum as well as maximum temperature in last week or so. On March 10, the minimum temperature was 17.0 … Read more Temperature on the rise in Nashik

Nashik continues to be the coldest city in state

The Nashik city and surrounding areas experienced showers and resultant drop in temperature for the last two days. The city recorded 1.9 millimetre rainfall and temperature slid to 9 degree Celsius on 15th february. The city recorded lowest temperature of 9 degree Celsius. Since past two days the sky has been overcast causing further drop … Read more Nashik continues to be the coldest city in state

Weather fluctuations in Nashik

The citizens are facing extreme seasons — cold temperature at night and dawn and extreme heat — during the day. This phenomenon is adversely affecting their health as clinics and hospitals are seen full of out-patients. Nashik temperatures have dropped to 11.2’C , therefore citizens experienced chill in the weather on Sunday early morning and scorching … Read more Weather fluctuations in Nashik