Top 10 Maharashtrian Dishes everyone visiting Nashik must taste

Aparna Nayak

I am a full time mom, a part time blogger and content writer. I like to write on various social Topics. Being a foodie I love to write and Try my hand at different cuisines, During free time I like to read novels, romantic, suspense & detective series top the list. I unwind myself by listening to soft music or gardening. Reading about day to day experiences of people and how they have evolved from them is something that enthralls me.

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4 Responses

  1. ????????? ?????? says:

    Mirchi cha thecha..

  2. TarangGharpure says:

    1, 3 & 8 are the dishes, the photos of which are so not how it is served in Nashik. The tradition of serving rassa in a vati is typical Puneri.. And Puneri Missal is nothing better than American Ukdiche Modak. 3. Tambda Pandhra rassa is a typical Kolhapuri dish and need not be there in this list. I recommend taking it off the list. No 8. Pithla Bhakri zunka is the Photograph of the dish served at and around Sinhagad in Pune. So that can also be pulled off the list. I would rather say a good attempt to bring out the best of Nashik. However, a lot can be done that is innovative and something that is really Nasik branded. First we have missals of 5-6 different masalas and tastes in Nasik. There could be more but I know around 7. Secondly, exploring outskirts of city, more towards Jalgaon, Javhar and other regions would show that we in Nashik have the blend of Konkani, Khandeshi as well as Marathwada cuisine in Nasik. I would be really happy to help you and take it up as a project to bring out these extremely special and fond things about Nashik.

  3. AparnaNayak says:

    TarangGharpure  i had just the names of dishes that are served in nashik, dont relate them with the pics provided, misal can be served in different places in different style, but misal is famous in nashik too. True nashik has the blend of konkani, marathwada and khandeshi cuisine and the same dishes i have explained there. thanks for reading the post and giving your valuable suggestions. keep reading n giving me your valuable feedback

  4. Nisha says:

    Hi Aparna,

    I would like to know if you can deliever the above mentioned food in Nasik on jail Road this Friday by 11 AM.

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