12 Awesome images of Nashik that will make you say WOW…

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Someone once told me that Nashik can be particularly defined as ‘Legend in your own Lunchtime’ which means somebody or some place that becomes a legend in their own lifetime acquires fame. This is exactly what has happened with our very own city, NASHIK!! Nashik has acquired fame lately not just because of its natural and scenic beauty, the artistically beautiful temples but also because of the bang up-to-date and state of the art events being regularly held, stars that dazzle the city with their presence film promotions, the joyful spirit of the of the Sula fest, the picturesque view of the dams and waterfalls, the Sahyadri Mountains…. and the list goes on and on. All these larger than life events contribute to the success that Nashik has now bagged and we, the local janta, are very proud to say that ‘We belong to Nashik’.

There are some incredible pictures of predominant events and topography of the city that we want all of you to have a look at. These pictures depict the way Nashikites lead their lives which is nothing less than a chock full of glee, glitz, glamour and enthusiasm.

Page3nashik has always contributed its bit to showcase Nashik as a fun city for people to dwell in its nest. Doesn’t this place sound like an adventurous and a fun place to be in?? Share this post if you agree with us and drop a comment below if we have missed out any important detail regarding the city.

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