ANJANERI – The Best Place to Trek in Nashik

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The City of Nashik was also known as the tourist’s place in Maharashtra has a very attractive & mythologically famous tourist spot known as Anjaneri.

About Anjaneri

The place is mythologically famous as it’s the Lord Hanuman birthplace, Ajaneri.

The name Anjaneri is originated from this fact as Hanuman is the son of Anjani Mata, the wife of Pavan (the wind). 

That is the reason hanuman is called “Pavan Putra Hanuman”.

The temple of ‘Anjani Mata’, a big marvellous temple devoted to the mother of Lord Hanuman, is another attraction in this village.

The temple is attracted by more than 100000 devotees on Hanuman Jayanti.

How to reach Anjaneri ?

The Nashik-Trimbakeshwar road is branched at a distance of 20km from Nashik as Anjaneri Phata.

From CBS it will take around 30-40 minutes to reach Anjaneri. The distance is about 22-25 kms. Usage of cars, bikes, mopeds, buses etc. is preferable.

Although small ‘tapris‘ that serve the purpose of knick-knacks is handily available, carrying food is an option since the location of this place is away from the city.

Another option is, ‘Anand Resort’, a place close to ‘Sandip Foundation’ serves very good food with a decent and sober ambience. Visitation of families, groups, etc. is secure.

‘Anand Resort’s speciality is its ‘pakodas’. ‘Cheese pakoda’ and ‘kanda bhajiya’ are a must try! Different assortment and varieties of ‘biryanis’ are available.

Anjaneri Fort

Anjaneri is the fort between the mountain ranges of Nashik & Trimbakeshwar.

 Anjaneri is one of the important forts in the ranges of Trimbakeshwar near Nashik

The mystic and magical mountains amuses everyone who visits Anjaneri fort

 The pleasant Climate attracts the tourists. 

The beautiful & eye catching carvings are done on the caves located near the fort. 

The caves and the inscriptions are believed to be from the Jain followers.


1,280 m

Anjaneri Village is famous for Jatra and wrestling. People often visit this place on Tuesdays & Saturdays.

Anjaneri Trek

One can undoubtedly plan a trek trip to Anjaneri fort to enjoy an adventurous experience at its fullest.

Imagine yourself being surrounded with magical mountains and mist!!! 

How soulful does it sounds?

Nashik has such a beautiful trekking destination, almost every person who visits here once would never miss the second time.

I have also included Anjaneri into my top 5 monsoon destination in Nashik, if you love trekking you should read this article. 


FACTORS TO BE CONSIDERED: Wearing sneakers or any shoes with a good grip is advised since trekking and hiking in the ranges would be risky in any other kind of footwear and slippery terrain would jeopardize the trip if not wearing proper footwear.

Places worth seeing at Anjaneri

There are some caves near the steps through the route of Anjaneri fort. These caves have nice carvings in them which were carved by Jain people.

A walk of 10-15 mins on the top plateau takes you to the Anjani Mata temple which is quite big. Here 10-12 people can accommodate easily. Ahead there are two ways.

The left way ahead of the Anjani Mata temple take us to the two room cave within 10 mins.

The right way ahead of the Anjani Mata temple leads directly to the citadel of Anjaneri fort in 20 mins.

Here one bigger temple of Anjani Mata can be seen.

The overall area of Anjaneri is vast.

Situated at 4264 ft above sea level, its a delite for hikers and devotees alike.

Personal Experience

I love exploring new places and Nashik being my own city, I love every aspect of the city and especially the ambience of Nashik.

 I take great pleasure in immersing myself in different cultures, meeting peopl and exploring places. 

Here’s a small yet wonderful experience of my life about my night trek at Anjaneri fort. 

I and my friends had planned for a refreshment drive and at the last moment the plan was made.

 It was around 9:30 pm. 

On the way we had chain at dhaba and were quickly on our way to base village. 

The road ride was quite bumpy an pitch dark on the way. 

The trek comes in easy grade, but yes one needs to climb steps to reach the main plateau and the Temple which can certainly take a toll in hot summer but ours was a night trek and I was sure it was going to be an experience to remember. 

I and my friends started our upward journey to the summit. 

It a winding Road passing through base village till one comes across the steps which leads to the main temple for devotees and summit for trekkers like me.
My friend who was leading the group informed that its almost a two hour climb on the steps.
All excited,we marched towards our summit. It was dark but for moonlight which showed us our path.
Halting at regular intervals to catch the breath we slowly moved ahead, even though it was quite pleasant but climbing the steps had everyone panting and huffing. 

After a climb of almost two hours we came across steps carved between two mountains. 

We could see Anjaneri lake even though it was dark.

Also just before we reached this spot, there was a 50 meter spot where its little risky but we didn’t realise it in the dark.

We just walked past it but on the return journey. I realised that it was little risky as one slip would put you 500feet down in the valley !!!!

And after a 2 hours climb, Finally we reached and could see the Anjaneri temple in the moonlight.

While walking and climbing one didn’t get the feel of chill in the air but as soon as all reached and got relaxed that everyone started feeling the chilly cold wind.

We had bonfire in the chilly wind and we could just see stars laying down flat in open.

It was a spectacular view and an amazing experience as our efforts paid night trek which remains unforgettable and memorable treat for my eyes.”

Did you ever went to Anjaneri? Do let me know about your experience below and I will be happy to share it with the world here.

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