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Dugarwadi Waterfall is one of the most splendid natural beauties of our city. Lying just 30-kms from the wine capital, this is delight for travelers. Monsoon is the best time to relish this pristine locale. Breath taking view of this place makes it a great place to explore the beauty of Mother Nature. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, this place captivates the eyes of the sightseers with its dense forests, waterfall and flawless landscape. Frequency of visitation of people is very less which has held and reserved this place sparkling and pristine. Lush greenery can be enjoyed everywhere. Away from the concrete city life, this is perfect for nature lovers. Mountains covered with fog and cloud, monsoon is probably an excellent time to make the most of this place. The lively spirit of monsoon season and beauty and perfection of this place is a sure shot memorization for anybody.

FACTORS TO BE CONSIDERED: Due to its secluded location and away from city it lacks security therefore visitation is advised in groups. Water level may rise suddenly due to rains so carrying the necessary essentials is mandatory.

DSC_6560HOW TO GET HERE: From CBS it will take around 60 – 70 minutes. It is at a distance of 30 – 35 kms from Nashik and 2 kms off Jawahar road. To get to the waterfalls from Dugarwadi, a 2 km distance has to be traveled.

Food carrying would be thoughtful since a proper restaurant or a hotel is difficult to find till Trimbakeshwar.

A very popular small stall like ‘tapri’ is located near the waterfall. ’Bhajiya’ and ‘chai’ is worth tasting.

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