Gangapur Dam Backwaters – Things to Do

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Gangapur Dam Backwaters

Nashik is blessed with the beautiful, scenic and picturesque places, out of which Gangapur Backwaters is one of the most blissful place to just go and relax. It is a peaceful place for recreation.  

Feeling of divinity is sensed along with pleasant breezes around.

Quality time with loved ones can be experienced at backwaters. Families can also spend time on weekends. 

Kids and youngsters can also enjoy playing various sporty games like Football, Badminton etc. 

An amazing and remarkable place to get there and enjoy your time with some knick-knacks and finger snacks along in the bright and beautiful weather.

A very serene and calm place with just tranquility around, this place is just perfect for any day and every day! It can be made the most of this place by going in groups. 

Backwaters is a wonderful place with a natural lake and a gradual slope.


There is a plan of starting seaplanes Service from Juhu in Mumbai to Gangapur Backwater in Nashik. (Still in planning and testing stage)

If you are bird lovers and you are right time of the season in Nashik. You can spot Flamingos Birds In Nashik at Gangaur Dam Backwaters.

Its a Closest place near Nashik to see nature, In monsoon season  People fo night track to see fireflies in Nashik Gangapur backwater area. 

How To Reach Gangapur Backwaters

Situated at a distance of 15 – 17 kms from CBS. 

It will take around 20 to 25 minutes to get here.

However, there is no public transport available from Nashik, You need to have a private cab or car with you to reach here.

But I recommend visiting Sula Vineyards or York Vineyards to enjoy the beautiful backwater with glass of wine. 


View Of Backwaters from York VineYards

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