Pandharpur Temple- The most divine place in Maharashtra

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Solapur district of Maharashtra is well known for its pilgrimage in India. This place has many mandirs among which the Vithoba temple is well known among the Hindu public. If you are a firm follower of Hindu god and goddess then a trip to Pandharpur temple should be planned. After listing the delayed information of Rameshwar temple, Mhasoba temple and other temples in Nashik, we thought of bringing on the focus light on this divine and peaceful place in Solapur.

Pandharpur temple has attracted a million people especially in the month of Ashadh that means from June to July. It is a divine place where you can get peace of mind. It is a century old temple that is build back in the year 1195. The scriptures here are architect beautifully. The devotees used to rub their back on this scripture, which is believed to absolve them from the wheel of rebirths.

Pandharpur Temple

About Pandharpur temple

The temple in Pandharpur is Vittal temple. God Vitthal is said to be a form of Bhagwan Krishna or Vishnu and his wife Rakhumai. It is one of the most visited temples of Maharashtra. God Vitthal is one among the manifestations of Lord Vishnu. The main shrine is a five-story building with a pyramidal gun spire. The statue of Jaya and Vijaya flanks Lord Vithal. All the devotees get an opportunity to touch the feet of the idol Vithoba and take their blessings.

The main entrance of the temple faces towards Chandrabhaga river which is also called as Bhima river. It is popularly believed that if you take a dip in this river, all your sins are washed away. At the entrance, there is Samadhi of Namdev and Chockamela. Constructed with stone masonry, the temple is in the shape of an open hall where sixteen pillars of stone support its flat roof. The pillar portrays images of Lord Krishna and Vishnu in their typical postures. The temple enshrines the lotus feet of the lord on rock, which are placed on a square. These rocks carries the footprints in two positions and one can also see the footprints of a cow entrenched in

Darshan Information

The timing to visit the temple is between 4 am to 7 PM. There is an official website of Vittal Rugmini temple. You can book darshan ticket online which is free of cost. It is recommended to book the tickets 3 day prior when you plan to visit the temple. Once you are in the temple, walk into Tukaram building for stamping, 30 mins prior to the darshan time. You may then proceed through Namdev gate for the darshan.

There are 2 types of Darshan:

  1.  Mukh Darshan – This is from where you see Vittal God from a distance. Mukh darshan can be done easily.
  2.  Paada Darshan – God Vitthal’s lotus feet can be touched. After having the darshan, you may proceed to      Rugmini’s temple.

Transportation for Pandharpur Temple

  1. Air Ways
    The nearest airport is Solapur which is 75 km away.
  1. Railways
    Pandharpur railway station is connected with Kruduwadi Junction.
  2. By Road
    Pandharpur Temple is 74 KM away from Solapur.

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