Pick-a-little, talk-a-little with Puneri Patya

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Puneri Patya

A humorous puneri patya displayed outside a gate

Nashik and Pune have an eternal love-hate relationship. A number of people living in Pune have extended families in Nashik and vice versa. For students in Nashik, Pune is an ideal educational destination. Each year a number of student s from the city head to Pune to fulfill their dreams. Pune, is a buzzing city swarmed with Maharashtrians which makes their language even more gripping especially when on the signboards. Nashikites who have been to Pune often or have lived there for a considerable amount of time, have amusing tales to narrate about the Pune signboards, fondly referred to as Puneri Patya. For instance, a student from Nashik went to Pune for further studies. As soon as she entered the university office, she was bewildered to read one of the signboards, “Don’t try to manage the management”. Oh yes, it only means you cannot modify or manipulate the management rules even if it is for the betterment of the society. In short, it’s a “do-not-disturb” sign for the faculty. Outsiders are traumatized reading these signboards. If it’s for a recluse, you are a robot and you have to follow them as your master.

Puneri Patya are something to watch for when you visit the city!! These are signboards that not only convey the right message to the masses but are also full of absurdity. You can roll on the floor laughing till your stomach hurts after reading the eye-popping witty humor in it. People either will follow it out of humiliation or they pay no heed to it or others look at it dumbfounded for the truth revealed in it.

Signboard displayed at a Water-Park

Signboard displayed at a Water-Park

Here are some awfully witty signboards that are picked up from unusual locations from Pune and have an earsplitting denotation, but are translated in English for now:

  1. “Outsiders please don’t use the lift; society will not be responsible if you get stuck in it”. Poor oldies; have no other alternative except to climb the stairs? You feel wretched! How can anyone be so ruthlessly shameless to put these signboards not considering the senior citizens?!?!
  2. “While doing rain dance, wearing all your clothes is a compulsion, by order”. Whoosh! Nobody will have the courage to wear even micro minis at the pool!!! You see, the natives are champions at sarcasm!!
  3. “The person who has broken this pot, please come forward and we will honor him in shaniwar wada”(located in the older parts of the city actually but right in the heart of Pune). I’m scandalized how they use their brains. Only Puneri Maharashtrians can do that!!
  4. “I am a donkey if I park my vehicle in front of the gate”. It is quite evident that only donkeys don’t know where to halt. So a mind boggling message for natives who still want to park their vehicles as if they own the road.
  5. “Beware of the pothole; it occurred because of an earthquake”. As we are very well aware that Pune roads are like craters of moon. So it is obligatory to keep your eyes wide open while driving on Pune roads.
  6. “Please put extra water in the toilets, there are people living next door” Hilarious!! Even if you have put extra water in the washroom, out of embarrassment you go in to put more water. It is inevitable that people are becoming more and more conscious about keeping their washrooms clean after these signboards came into existence.
  7. “Wash the utensils immediately after you use them or I will place them at your door (sincerely tired of washing dirty dishes of others)”. It ultimately inculcates mannerism in you and pity for the person. So take it optimistically!
Another Wicked Signboard

Another Wicked Signboard

Boys and girls, you undeniably can’t get rid of these signboards because they are everywhere; be it Pune or any other major city.  So in way, these signboards are educating us with a plateful of manners and increasing our standard of living, and thus making sure you don’t overlook them.  With these sign boards, we can bring about a change in the outlook of people as well as the infrastructure of the city.  So why treat them as a gag?! Let’s take it as an inspiration from Pune residents and apply them in Nashik city too!! What say Nashikites???

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