10 FREE & AMAZING Places To Visit In Nashik

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Nashik, with International and National brands coming in the city, has become one of the fastest growing cities in India and world.

Today everything has become extremely heavy to the pockets but Nashik is fortunate enough to still have a lot many entertaining things to do without putting a hole in the pocket.

Yes, we are talking about 10 amazing and free places to visit in the city. You must be wondering how and where these places exist.

Nashik City is a nature’s gift by the almighty God and Nashikites are blessed to have a habitat like this. Nashik is a city with full of colours, fresh air, soothing surroundings and positive people.

This pilgrimage city has reached dramatic heights with the constant development now and in the upcoming years.

I am listing here Places To Visit In Nashik with top 10 amazing and free places:

  1. Anjaneri
  2. Asaram Bapu Road
  3. Ganga Ghat
  4. Gangapur backwaters
  5. Windmills
  6. Temple hill
  7. Navshya Ganpati
  8. College Road
  9. Someshwar
  10. Barnes Road


It is one of those parts of the paradise you don’t want to miss. One can experience an extraordinary climate and breathtaking breeze. Located in a secluded place where it seems only angels live.  Anjaneri waterfalls are candy to the eyes. Anjaneri Also knows as a birthplace of Hanuman.

Places To Visit In Nashik

Anjanari Places To Visit In Nashik


asaram_bapu_roadThis is a newly constructed track close to the heart of the city, College Road.

Asaram Bapu bridge (or famously known as Bapu Pull), as youngsters summon is a flawless path where families and friends meet and can sit over for the casual day out.

Neighbored by lush greenery and scenic banks, this track is mostly used for jogging or a healthy stroll.

Asaram Bapu bridge is the resemblance to Marine Drive in Mumbai (But along riverside)



Who does not know Ganga Ghat! It’s one of those pure ganga_ghatdestinations that make Nashik popular.

Ganga Ghat holds an intact water body where people across the world perform rituals. This tourist destination looks equally beautiful in a day and during the night.


Places To Visit In NashikAh, This is one of my favourite places. Gangapur backwaters are a place which was not known to many quite a time ago.

It came into the picture as youngsters discovered places where they can spend a good time together. And if you are lucky enough you can also spot Flamingos birds as Gangapur backwaters.

This spot is away from the busy city and gives complete composure when you are there.

The only thing you can hear is the rhythmic tunes of the moving water.



Windmills, another exciting place is towards an uphill. This track is popular with bikers and adventure lovers.nashik-windmill

Full of twists and turns, Nashik -Sinnar Windmills give a rugged touch to one’s trip.

One cannot find a regular living as this spot is situated far away from the city.


temple_hillTemple Hill is based in Deolali Camp, a small yet popular destination close to Nashik.

As defined in the name, it’s a pilgrim place with an authentic view.

This place is positioned at a very distinct area in Deolali and is visited families and nature lovers.

Temple Hill is also famous for Sunset point and you can visit one of the famous Church in Nashik just near Temple Hill.



Located on the banks of Godavari River, Navshya Ganpati is one of the most serene places in Nashik. Well known for ‘Jagrut Devasthan’ ,Navshya Ganpati Mandir has a rooted 300 years long history.

This temple brings utmost joy and takes people to an untroubled destination.


The heart of the city, College Road in Nashik is the most adored places by the youth. Each and everyone have various memories in this stretch as this is a dynamic combo of education and fun.collage_road

College Road is a packed place during the day and at night as well.

The entertainment on this stretch never comes to an end. College Road is one of those destinations which every day brings new opportunities and refreshment with a tangy twist.


 The exquisite habitat of Lord Shiva.

Also, this place is cherished by families and couples. You can visit this place on regular days and even on weekends.

Kids enjoy boating while parents can visit the holy temple.


It’s a long stretch for magical rides. This place is very close to nature is truly loved by tourists, fitness freaks, adventure lovers and youngsters.

Photographers connect very well with this place as it’s very picturesque. An authentic evening walk is what Barnes Road offers!


The above 10 marvellous Places To Visit In Nashik have one great thing common;  all can be enjoyed at absolutely no cost.

One can experience serenity, entertainment, peace and moreover a pleasing atmosphere when at these destinations.

Nashik has a lot to offer, Let me know which are the areas you want to explore in Nashik? Or do you have something add in the list above? Do post your views in comments below. 



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