Nashik is getting famous for spotting fireflies

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Fireflies or glow-worms are ordinary looking insects during the day, but when dusk turns to night, these creatures fling aside their unassuming facades to reveal their extravagant countenance. They prepare themselves for a magnificent show where they literally dance the night away! Why? It’s the monsoons in India and it’s time for these itsy-bitsy creatures to find themselves an awesome life partner. The fireflies gather together in multitudes while performing an incredible number of moves to impress their future mates; experts say they display nearly 2000 moves, and you thought you were having difficulty in impressing the opposite sex?! These moves range from being overly simple to being enormously complicated. The glow-worms create the most beautiful dance you can imagine using light from their bodies called bioluminescence. This extraordinary open air light show is displayed in the forests. Glow-worms love water and they live near or in places that get a lot of rain or have moist, marshy areas with water bodies present close by. Be it spending a romantic evening, or delighting in seeing your kids faces light up in joy and fascination, you are sure to get thrilled seeing thousands of fireflies flicker across the forest creating an amazing display of lights . There are some places in Nashik where you can enjoy this spectacle that will give you sheer joy this monsoon.

Before the monsoons make their way, let me tell you where you can catch the dance of the fireflies in Nashik:

  1. Vaitarna Dam :
    Vaitarna Dam, also called Modaksagar Dam, is a gravity dam on Vaitarna river which supplies water to Palghar,MumbaiVaitarna_Dam
  2. Igatpuri :
    For spiritual beings, Igatpuri is popular thanks to the Vipassana International Academy. However, located in Nashik district, it receives plenty of rainfall, sees numerous waterfalls and misty weather, just what fireflies need. As it turns dark, you’re quite likely to spot a few of these luminous friends right outside your hotel window or at the meditation centre. But to see them in good numbers, you should ideally hire a guide for a trail to the forested areas nearby or go to the Igatpuri ghat in the evening and seek the help of villagers.
  3. Gangapur Dam :
    This dam is near village Gangawadi and is 10 Km. from Nashik city.This is a earthen dam constructed in 1954.

Have look of beautiful dance show of Fireflies shot by Harshal Agrawal

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