Jio mobile internet download speed test in Nashik

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People were talking about making Nashik a wifi city, a few years back. we had written about it then, but nothing moved on the grounds of the topic; like any other failed project in Nashik.

Buy today Reliance has taken a giant step in the digital world and introduced Reliance Jio In Nashik and suddenly everyone is talking about going online!

For me, the internet is everything! I eat, sleep and breath Internet! in fact, I even make my living from the world wide web. So, giving a try to Reliance Jio was kind of a must thing to do for me!

Yesterday, while I was driving on Nashik road; I saw a Reliance Jio outlet near Nashik Road Swimming Pool and to my surprise, there was not much crowd outside the outlet. So I thought to give it a try and just flow with the tide of Reliance Jio.

Some quick finding :

  1. Reliance Jio SIM is not free in Nashik, you need to pay Rs.200/- for a SIM.
  2. As you can check in the video below, I was not able to make an outgoing call on the landline of my office (TATA) but however, later I was able to connect to the mobile network of BSNL and Airtel. (might, Not all lines are open ? )
  3. lately, some people were talking – “you cannot use your phone with any other number once you activate JIO SIM on your mobile”, but I was able to swipe my phone SIM with Idea without any issue.
  4. Reliance Jio offers free 4GB of data transfers per day after which they cap your internet speed. (as I haven’t used all 4GB of data, I could not post much details about speed capping here. You can see my speed experiment in the video below!)
  5. There is no monthly payment for next 3 months, in fact, they even don’t tell you if it’s a prepaid or a post-paid SIM.
  6. Coverage is as good as any other network in Nashik.
  7. You need 4G supporting phone models only, it will not work in 3G Phone.
  8. Download speed was not at all impressive, it is equal to my old Idea 3G speed. However,you will love it as long as it’s free!

More details can be seen in My video below, please post your query in the comments and I will be happy to answer them.


Ho, BTW, is it me or anyone else noticed it, If you take a close look at the Jio logo, you’d find it to be the mirror image of the word Oil. are they referring to Reliance’s journey from Oil to Telecom ?

Reliance Jio in Nashik

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