This Video Of College Road vs Nashik Road Will Make You Go ROFL.

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Comparing the two roads in Nashik is like those grubby Britishers looking down upon Indians during their reign. First the smug on the face is visible, the eyes roll and the face twists when people from college road bump into people of Nashik road. Why such twisting and rolling? As they say ‘All Indians are my brothers and sisters’.. Okay.. Not brothers and sister.. At least don’t consider them rivals!!

Doesn’t it sound bizarre how you still want to be friends with a person but the locality from where the alien exist is an obstruction for you?? That is when people from the elite locality ‘college road’ invite our suburban people from Nashik road to chill for a coffee in CCD, Café Bliss, Salim, Puffs n Rolls, etc. whereas the most-happening-hangouts for Nashik road people is their very old ‘station’. The self-proclaimed dudes from college road still want to ogle out girls from Nashik road when these girls by fluke land upon the most exclusive area in the city.

Despite the fact that Nashik road is a notch higher than college road when it comes to raw and extremely beautiful natural surroundings, our smutty college road kings and queens are still gratified to be staying in that location with all the latest facilities available nearby and full of pollution around. Our nashik road rulers turn into “selfie-pros” as soon as they enter the plush cafes of college road. This seems to be the bitter truth!! Our stereotypical people from college have classic words to describe Nashik road:

Nashik road… OMG!! That’s so far. We’ll need a passport to travel there”

 Our newbies from college road leave no stone unturned to break the oh-so-gaonwali image of our simple ever-so-grounded girls from Nashik road by uttering those devastatingly heart-piercing words. This rivalry can be compared to girls from St. Philomena’s School and Fravashi Academy in the following way:

“You got a haircut done from a parlour on college road? No wonder you look so hot!!” 

Page3nashik has recorded the ‘class war’ between the two roads of the same city. Have a look at the above video and decide which category you fall into. Don’t forget to share the video if you agree with us and also share your awkward experiences by dropping a comment below. We would like to laugh a little more by reading your comments that cast a difference between people from suburbs and townies.

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