We make ministers or ministers make us ???

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Today, I witnessed a worst in experience in Nashik at college Road an ambulance was stopped which was carrying a patient . the cops stopped the ambulance because they were making a road for some XYZ minister , the whole traffic was stopped including the ambulance to make free way for that minister or so called VIP.

Is that VIP person important or the Life of that patient ?
Have we made them or they have made us ?
why we only have to wait for that minister when he uses the road ?
Are we serving them or are they serving us ?
we never see cops on the road when they are actually needed ?
but when there is a VIP on the road, Everyone is available on duty.

Women’s and girls don’t have that much security but the VIP is a VIP, Right ??

One thing I noticed before the time and that moment when that person was passing the cops were handling the traffic in a very good way but the moment when that imp person passed from that way The cops flew from their positions where they were standing like birds , the cops were just looking from one corner at the traffic no one took trouble of handle the traffic ,

It’s necessary to respect the time of VIP people, But on the same side it’s also necessary to respect #CommonMan

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