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‘Rain Rain go away come again another day’ is what the people residing at the banks of Godavari River in Nashik are saying. The cold and the continuous pouring rains have severed the peaceful habitation of the residents.

The statistics show that major dams in the district have stocked ample water. 23,000 cusecs water from nearly 6 dams; Gangapur, Darna, Mukane, Bhavali, Kadva and Nandurmadhmeshwar have been discharged. Adding to this, the Gangapur and Dama dams have stocked about 83 and 74 percent water respectively.

The irrigation department released water from Gangapur dam on Thursday. Also, flooding at few places was observed during these 3 days. Water was also released out of Darna and Bhavali dams to avoid floods in the adjoining areas.

Nashik Municipal Corporation and other concerned officials have urged to the public to be vigilant as more water was likely to be liberated from the dams.

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