DJ Paroma in a tete-a-tete with Nashikites

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Nashik is the new party hub. With the recent Sula fest that rocked Nashik, various other tangy parties too have begun to take place in the city. The city recently witnessed an upcoming female DJ who made her niche not only in India but across the globe. Breaking the stereotypes pertaining to the kind work women do or could do is what defines the vivacious and talented DJ Paroma Chatterjee. The 25 year old not only makes music but also ripples .

paroma 3

DJ Paroma commercial house and club music specialist.

The specialist in commercial house and club music, in a candid interview with 93.5 red FM and Page3Nashik opens up about her take on Djing being her passion, adulation from the audiences, her message to the young girls of how chasing your dreams is a must have try!

Firstly tell us your name. It is distinct. What does it mean?

Well, I got this name from my father. It’s derived from a Sanskrit word param that means- the ultimate women. My pet name though is Mishti which means sweet in Bengali.

How did Djing strike a chord in your mind?

Hmmm…I eagerly wanted to be independent. I started off my career as a cabin crew at a tender age of 18, for around 5 years for a very reputed airline. That’s when I flew international for a maximum period of time, visited a lot of clubs around the world and came across so many different kinds of music. It was then; decided I would be taking up DJing in my near future and I was sure about excelling in it! The sense of beats and rhythm came straight from within, naturally!

What was the drift like? Changing a job and doing something novel.

After flying for 5 years, I still lacked the contentment within from work. So I quite my job took a month’s time off and with a cool-level headed brain gave it a thought. That’s where I encountered music it was!! I was so deeply interested and I knew this is what I could do. I started taking professional training in  Andheri, Mumbai where my trainer kept reminding me of keeping djing as an integral hobby, if a mere carrier option. After 2 years of practice and learning I thought of giving it a shot. My parents were intensely worried especially my mother almost going paranoid all the time!!! (Laughs) but it clicked with a bang and there was no looking back.

Share your experience being a DJ

Omg! It’s just beyond…the love you get; people want to dance on the groovy music and those beats you play. The crowd hooting for you, wanting to click pictures ahhh! Gives me -Goose bumps hehheeh. The response that I get when I play those remixes is just mind-blowing!!. (Expresses with the spunk in her eyes)

How would you address the women who want to be DJ’s?

Ohh yes! In India we are in a male dominant society but nooo!! If you believe in yourself and have the confidence built in; there is no stopping you. Just give it a try…try, try until you succeed. If it works great- if it doesnt, never mind, it wasn’t meant for you. But try it to have it.

DJ Paroma was glad to acknowledge that this year, she feels proud to bag the no. 3 position at MYFAV AWARDS!! She has marked a niche in her field; for being the only female amongst all categories.

Official IPL DJ- Paroma with Sameer Kochhar .

Official IPL DJ- Paroma with Sameer Kochhar .

 Tell us about IPL coming to your kitty

It was just another day I got this message through Facebook . At first i thought it was a prank. I was asked and eventually things unfolded with the contract rolling me in for 45 days. The gag became my big fame bag! I became a hard core KKR( Kolkata Knight Rider) crazy fan . It was an amazing experience crazy indeed!

How was the bond with IPL fellow mates and veteran commentator Navjot Singh Sidhu ?

Being the official DJ of IPL every one on the crew was like family. Be it Archana Puran ,Sameer Kochhar & Sidhu ji it was learning again. I remember me and the drummer bulling each other the most. Siddhu ji is as dynamic and versatile as an orator hahhha I knew his aim was not letting me take (laughs) but I would grab the microphone and talk- talk and talk!

  • Please share about your audiences abroad and the cities you have travelled 

I love this job so much because I get to move around. I’ve covered Gulf: Dubai, Muscat and Doha. Recently got back with Kenya and South Africa tours also couple of times I’ve performed in Hong Kong, Singapore. Now on my charts is Australia, Auckland and New Zealand tour.

Recollecting an incidence Paroma said,

Audiences abroad love Bollywood music they shimmer on it smacking all. Haaah…once while I was playing there came up an American asking me to play “saddi galiii“. It was stunning to see him doing bhangra with his pals, terrific!


Enjoying at an event.

Tackling the technical difficulties is a task, how do you manage to drive through?

It’s a rage skill of overcoming them. I still remember I was the guest DJ at some place. The opening DJ played the music flawlessly, unfortunately the moment I came it the amplifiers tripped off. For 15 minutes there was silence. The crowd became restless and lost energy. Getting the energy back and the masses on the floor is not a cake walk! Believe me (gasps for air) Somehow things fell in place and I restarted it all. The crowd was so thrilled at the end that I was like called over again to play in the same place. That’s what I call true achievement true love and justice for my work.

An illogical incidence that made you rolf!

Hahhaha yeah! I clearly till day can’t forget…a man calling me up and asking me” DJ paroma se bat karao…lekin aap toh ladki hoo na?”

Ok lastly tell us what you like playing about your favourite music

Bollywood drives me. ‘Sooraj dooba hai ‘remix is the current anthem topping the charts.

On the verge of departure she spoke in marathi saying “mala khoop majja alii,ha mazza best interview hota!”

We hope to see this effervescent and bring it on attitude DJ Paroma playing soon in the near future. Djing indeed is this girl’s first love and joie- de -vivre!

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